They Are What You Make Them

Eli was a good priest who must have spent his time and youth in the service of God as I have not read anything to the contrary.  He was punished by God for neglecting his duty as a father.  Hophni and Phinehas engaged in extortion and sexual immorality and their father, Eli merely rebuked them; […]

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Pull Together

Mary entrusted all her salary to her husband via a joint account with a mandate that any of them can withdraw without limits. However, her husband’s salary goes to his personal account. They both have very good jobs. Once she is paid, her husband transfers almost all her salary to his own account and leaves […]

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Love Transcends All

Ikechukwu got up and turned on the television. He was meant to have gone for a church activity this evening, but decided that he needed to rest after a very tiring day in the office. This looks like a wrong decision as the noise from the adjoining flat was now getting louder. He could hear […]

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Hold It Back

A nagging wife is like water going drip-drip-drip on a rainy day. Proverbs 27: 15. We all know how dreary the day can be when it rains continually without stopping for more than a few minutes in between. I do not feel like stepping out of the house on such days and if I do […]

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Be There

She wakes up at about 12.30am and walks to the children’s room to check on her daughters, aged five and eight years respectively. Slowly, she returns to the couch in her room; her eyes were now wide open. Sandra begins to go down memory lane; the more she thinks about her life, her marriage, the […]

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Walk Together

Oyin wants her daughter, Tola, to attend a prestigious secondary school that is about ten hours’ drive from where they live. A trip by air is not so desirable as the closest airport to the school is about four hours away. Oyin would have loved to attend this school during her own time, but her […]

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Slow to Speak

I paid a compliment to my husband one morning and I was sure he heard me, yet he did not say a word in response. He continued getting ready for his trip and also making some small talks with me. About twenty minutes after, he came to where I stood, hugged me and off he […]

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