Building Godly Marriages in Modern Times

It’s my pleasure to welcome you to ‘Building Godly Marriages in Modern Times’.

I am a Christian wife, mother and marriage counselor; passionate about helping would-be couples get it right from the courtship stage and also encouraging struggling couples to be the husband, wife that God intended them to be.

Our generation is witnessing the devaluation of the marriage institution and the erosion of age-long values. Statements like ‘baby mamas’ and ‘baby papas’ are now common among our youths. Having and raising children without being married has become an option! Divorce and separation have become commonplace; marriage vows are becoming meaningless and commitments are broken recklessly.

How did we get to this point? What can we do to bring back these values? How can a husband love his wife as commanded by Christ? Can today’s wife still be submissive?

Let us journey together as we try to find answers to these and much more that plague today’s marriages.

God is our strength.


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