Too Busy to Live

In modern times, life has become so demanding and busy that in trying to make a living, we have forgotten how to live. The society continues to place serious demands on us that we are forever chasing one thing or the other. We set so many financial goals for ourselves these days and sometimes break our backs and marriages trying to achieve these.

I know you are already blaming the current situation of the economy for all and everything; but we need to ask ourselves these big questions, ‘when will it be enough?’ At what point should I take it easy in my pursuit of money and better standard of living for my family and actually give them the much needed time and attention? We are living in a fast paced world – we are too busy to pray together, to play together, attend church together; too busy to spend a couple of hours with our spouse/children and the people that we care for; too busy to notice the changes that our spouses are undergoing, only to wake up one day and see that we have become total strangers.

Today’s technological advancement as good as it sounds can be a curse if not properly managed. We are living in a high tech world and some of us get too busy with the social networks to the detriment of their spouses. My friend once told me of a family friend whose husband gets home from his day work and starts his ‘second shift’ on facebook. He is only interrupted by dinner time and returns to this shift afterwards while the poor wife is faced with the burden of managing the children and her loneliness. This happens almost daily. The agony of this lonely woman can only be imagined – her story is the story of some other women.

Some husbands/wives are television addicts; once home, they stay glued to their television set and follow one program after another to the detriment of their spouse.

With King Solomon, let us ponder the vanity of life, Ecclesiastes 1:2-11 and also remember that there is a time for everything, a time to sow and a time to gather, Ecclesiastes 3: 1-8. I will add, a time to work and a time to enjoy with those that matter to us.

Make a commitment to regularly spend quality time with your spouse. Watch and pray against the time stealers in your life; they hinder fellowship with your family and God and can destroy your home if unchecked. Always remember the things that really matter and give them their rightful place in your life. May God help us in this journey, Amen.

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